Adoption Timeline

October 2012 – Began trying for a baby “the old fashioned way”

September 2013 – Received “official” infertility diagnosis

October 2013 – Walked through an intense period of grief as a family

November 2013 – Found a new joy in God’s call on our lives to adopt & stepped out in faith as we completed a pre-application for an agency

December 2013 / January 2014 – Praying alongside our family & close friends, tightening the budget & saving money, choosing names to pray over, and completing small preparations such as an online parenting class, CPR training, cleaning out / combining closets, nursery dreaming, etc.

End of January 2014 – Heard of ‘Snowflake Adoptions’ and began researching

February 2014 – Our scheduled agency orientation {with the traditional adoption agency}

March 2014 – Decided to pursue embryo adoption, applied to Nightlight Christian Adoptions & started home study

April 2014 – Finished home study process & submitted family profile

April 30, 2014 – Entered the matching phase!

May 2 & 3, 2014 – Giant garage sale to raise funds…raised right at $5,000 towards adoption fees!

September 2014 – Presented with our 6th match

November 2014 – Accepted / Finalized contracts to officially adopt 4 embryos!

December 2014 – Embryos shipped to our clinic

January 2015 – Began medical process to prepare for our FET {frozen embryo transfer} with 2 of our embryos

February 2015 – Doctor appts to check lining…at 2nd check it was not progressing as needed, so an additional shot of estrogen was added. 3rd check was good, so back on track. Transfer scheduled for February 24.

February 24, 2015 – Met & transferred two beautiful embryos

March 2015 – Beta test & negative results

April 2015 – Met & transferred our last two beautiful embryos

May 2015 – Beta test & negative results


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