Paperwork. Like a boss.

I emailed our agency on November 1st expressing our interest in adopting through them. Everything started moving pretty quickly from there…in the way of forms, forms, and more forms. My goal was to wrap up this phase of the process by the end of the month…and today I received word that we have a complete checklist!!

I mean…can we all just take a second?!

Checklist. Complete. 

Thank you Jesus. 

We have scheduled our two home study visits…on in office and one in our home. In between traveling for that & preparing our home {and you know, work and life and Christmas and stuff} I’ll be working on our ‘Dear Birthmother’ letter and family album for the agency.

This part of the process gets a little out of my control…I’m not exactly sure how long it will take to complete. We’ll be done with our interviews by the 14th, so I’m really hoping we’ll be officially approved by the end of December. That would put us live on the website and able to considered by potential birth-mothers around the start of the year. {Talk about mind-boggling!}

To celebrate Chris dropped by work with a dozen red roses…so sweet. 🙂

Blessed are we!


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