Previously written on 3/4/2015


I should probably know what that stands for…but honestly I can never remember. It’s a very important acronym though, because it is what my body should be producing in full force by now. It’s what the lab will test for in my blood to determine if I’m pregnant or not.

They’re doing that tomorrow, by the way. 

It’s kind of funny…perhaps it’s the one event in this entire process that we’ve been able to keep to ourselves for more than a day or two. {Not going to lie, I do have one friend who knows…and it has been helpful for me that she knows. Plus she’s going to be praying for us tomorrow…} Even I thought it would take almost 2 weeks before they would even think about testing {somewhere around 12-14 days post transfer}. Close family & friends were told 2 weeks {again, it’s what I thought}, and the bigger circle of people were told 3ish weeks. {Not a total lie – it’s not a one time test so it takes a period of several days to know for sure. Plus, come on…does everyone have to know everything in real time these days?! *wink*}

So when we found out at the transfer that it would be 9 days after our transfer instead, I was pretty pumped. And it also made it much easier to keep the time of our blood test a secret…I don’t think anyone has a clue that the first one is happening tomorrow.


This winter weather has really made our transfer cycle quite….interesting. We prayed our way through a lingering ice storm for the transfer, UPS totally messed up the delivery of some of my meds due to the icy weather {yes – that was this weeks freak out moment, but all’s well that ends well I guess…}, and now we have more ice rolling through tonight that will make getting to the lab for blood work a bit dicey.

I was actually supposed to drive up to a certain lab in the next town over, but with the promise of ‘treacherous road conditions’ I changed my appointment to our local hospital. When I e-mailed our nurse with the update, she responded back with a warning that they haven’t had great experience with little hospitals in the past…they don’t always respond to the “STAT” directive within the same day like they are supposed to. However, she ended it with “I know you pretty well by now and they will likely have to go through several phone calls from you before the end of the day if they don’t fax them on time.” 

Bahaha…it made me laugh, because probably no one knows that better than her. 

{I have little patience for my questions going unanswered / me not being 100% clear on what’s happening…this is too important, and we’re paying too much money, for people not to have their stuff together.}

With a laugh, I wrote her back and said I practically made the lady I talked to at the lab promise me her first born if she didn’t get the test results back to my doctor tomorrow…so hopefully we’ll be good to go. 😉

Just have to make it there to have the test done!

After we get our results tomorrow evening, we’ll go back on Saturday morning for test #2. Obviously tomorrow is important because there needs to be some level of hcg for us to proceed, but Saturday’s is very important as well, because the number needs to double within 48 hours. It’s possible from there we would have one more blood test, but from there we move on to an ultrasound at/after 6 weeks 4 days to see how many babies there are. 🙂 {As of right now I’m considered 4 weeks pregnant I think, so it’s not actually a long wait all things considering.}

So that’s our little secret! I’ll post this after the fact, obviously. 🙂 Chris and I are both feeling calm. He’s super calm & confident. I’m calm and more…at peace, I would say. We’ve done what we can do and what the doctors asked, and it’s been in God’s hands this entire time. My prayers have actually been pretty simple and repetitive during this wait, and they remain so. {Basically, take care of them God, protect them. And please let them stay!} He knows the desires of our heart, soon we will find out His will. He is faithful, He will not forsake us, and He is good. No matter what happens over the next few days. 

But wow oh wow do I pray that number is through the roof. 

Blessed are we.


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