I know who holds my hand.

I was planning on titling this post “daily bread”…then I heard that line in an old hymn today and I decided it would do perfectly. 🙂 Here we are 5dp6dt {5 days past a 6 day transfer}…wrapping up an icy weekend that has caused us to be stuck inside most of the time.

It’s kind of funny…when I thought about the “2 week wait” I wondered how anyone made it through it without just wearing themselves out. I wondered how we would handle it…if we would battle stress and each other. Who could have known the weather would add a new element, keeping us stuck inside.

But I am quite happy to report that my God is faithful {was there ever any doubt?!} and He has held our hands as we’ve waited. He has given us, me in particular, what we’ve needed each day to make it through. Our daily bread.

And for that reason, we’ve made it through quite calmly and happily. Chris kisses my tummy each day and talks to the little ones. I’ve had plenty of time to rest and be still. We’ve laughed and enjoyed one another’s company…we’ve wondered at the curious things my body has started to do {as a result of a pregnancy or the medicine, we’re not yet sure.}

I decided after a few days to post news of our transfer and pictures of our little ones more publicly online. {This blog is still very private; basically only my mom and mother-in-law know that I write here.} It took me a bit to be ready, and even then I had to think and pray about it. The day of our transfer, while well known to many, was a very private and personal day for the two of us. {As getting pregnant should be! *wink*} I felt like I needed some space between the transfer itself and a ‘public announcement.’ I started to post several times, but yesterday it finally felt appropriate…and right. See, according the research I’ve done, days 3-5 post transfer {for a 5/6 day embryo} is when implantation takes place. We don’t yet know how much time we have with these little ones…and our prayer from the beginning has been that our story would always point back to Christ. It felt nice to celebrate their little, amazing lives with others beyond our immediate family & prayer circle. They are real…they have been created in the image of our magnificent God… and they are beautiful. {Yes, you knew I had to say it again.}

Today Chris and I decided to stay in from church and listen online instead. Typically we attend a more contemporary service, but because that one was canceled due to the weather/roads, we listened to the traditional service. Old hymns are truly like balm to the soul, and I we sang one in the service that encouraged my spirit and reminded me of the reason we’re making it through this time of waiting without going crazy…because of the faithfulness and grace of our God. {There was another song that did the same – “I know who holds tomorrow”, but turns out it’s not a hymn…it’s sung by Allison Krauss. All the same!}

All I have needed, they hands have provided…Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!

I don’t worry over the future, for I know what Jesus said…and today He’ll walk beside me, for He knows what lies ahead. Many things about tomorrow, I don’t claim to understand…But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.”

So today is a post of thankfulness…a post of praise to my King. I read in James today, verse 13…”Is any of you happy? Let him sing songs of praise.” We are happy to be in this season…even as it is a season of waiting.

Blessed am I.

P.S. – I found another verse today…I love it because it speaks of the wonders God has allowed us to see. 🙂 Deuteronomy 10:21 – “He is the one you praise; He is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.” 


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