No, that’s not just gibberish. 🙂 It means 1 day past a 6 day transfer.

Hallelujah! *insert angel music & a light shining down from Heaven here*

Yesterday started like a pretty normal day. {Except that we didn’t go to work and it was still freezing temps w/ ice outside.} I woke up, took my morning dose of estrogen, then snuggled onto the couch to spend some time in the Word & writing a letter to my little ones. Afterwards I actually cooked bacon & eggs for breakfast {that, I can assure you, is not normal} and woke the husband up for our big day. We ate, walked the dog, and got ready to go meet our little ones.

The trip to the clinic was pretty non-eventful, despite the ice. Truly, I felt as though I could feel the prayers of so many with us as we drove, and we made it with no problems. I’ve been listening to the Bethel Music album for weeks now, so that was my music of choice for the ride. It helped calm me, put our eyes on Jesus, and was a sweet time for the two of us.

My main instructions for the transfer were to not wear any heavy perfumes or lotions, no powdered make-up, and to arrive with a full bladder. {To help with the ultrasound…} Since we arrived early, and with a full bladder, I decided I had plenty of time to go to the bathroom and then guzzle more water. That was a decent plan, except that I guzzled a bit too much water and then they were over 20 minutes late calling us back for the transfer. There came a point where I could no longer bounce around the waiting room anymore, so I went to the restroom again and then came back out to guzzle more water. {All of this will have a point…hang with it. Ha!}

Shortly after that they called us back, and it all happened pretty quickly from there. We changed into clothes for a sterile environment…hospital gown for me, suit & mask for Chris, booties & hair covers for both of us. The doctor came in to talk us through the procedure, and I received a hospital bracelet that would be used to verify that the right embryos made it to the right person. Afterwards the nurse came in and answered a few medicine questions for us / walked us through our steps for after the transfer. {Mostly do’s, don’ts, when our blood tests will be, etc.}

Oh yes, and they gave us a picture of these beauties.


Aren’t they the cutest embryos you’ve ever seen? We sure think so!

From there we were off to the transfer room. The doctor & nurses were in a fun mood, there was music playing…it was a happy, exciting environment. I laid down, was introduced to some big ol’ stirrups, and theeeen we met the embryologist. {Yes, please notice I had already met the stirrups by that point.} Anyway, he said that both embryos had survived the thaw and that they were beautiful. {Again, we sure think so!} Quickly after that we got going.

Once the catheter was in, we watched a little screen and saw the embryologist suck up our little ones into a tube. {We didn’t see them to the same magnification that we saw in the picture, they were magnified only enough that we could see tiny dots on the screen.} He walked them straight in to the doctor, who used the catheter to transfer them into my uterus. And then it was done. Just like that, those tiny little lives were inside me. Incredible.

Afterwards we watched the embryologist flush out the catheter to show us that the embryos weren’t still in it, then I was moved onto a bed and rolled into our ‘recover room.’ More sweet times as Chris and I kissed & celebrated that this had really truly happened…lots of ups and downs to get to this point. 🙂

That’s when it turned a little sketchy…remember all that water? I had to go again. Badly. I tried to hold out, but I had to lay still and flat for a while, so the whole situation ended with a bedpan. :{ Oh well, girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Shortly after that we were all done…so I dressed and made 2 more restroom stops on the way home.

I drank a lot of water.

Once home I snuggled in on the couch, under the beautiful & warm snowflake blanket given to me by a friend in my church family. I napped, watched netflix, and of course throughout the course of the day we called and celebrated with our family and friends. My friend Rachel brought over dinner – so sweet.

We had a calm, peaceful evening…us and our little ones.

All in all, lots of answered prayers and celebrations yesterday. We had safe travels through the ice, both little ones survived the thaw, and we had a successful transfer. I felt the strength of Christ through those praying for us, and we got to peek into the wonder & mystery of life itself. It was amazing to see the beauty of God’s plan for our family, for our little ones.

May we never lose that wonder.

Blessed am I.



2 thoughts on “1dp6dt

  1. oh girl! I am just so excited and overjoyed for you! I’m saying lots of prayers that your beautiful embryos grow and develop perfectly just like God had intended. xo

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