1 more day.

On the countdown I keep next to my medicine calendar, today’s number read 1. As in 1 more day until we meet two of our little ones.


In typical weird Texas weather style, today ended up being a day off of school because of the ice. The husband and I spent the day lounging around {aka – sleeping late and not venturing far from the couch for me!}, eating Fruity Pebbles {don’t even ask}, and piddling around on our computers. Mid-day we heard from the doctor’s office the time for our transfer tomorrow and we spent the afternoon / evening receiving encouraging texts and phone calls from our family & friends. Lots of love for these little ones!

We’ve laughed and played and marveled at what’s to come and the adventure that tomorrow will be. It’s been a day of calm and peace and assurance…something only our good Father could have given us. We feel ready…and we are so excited to see two of our little ones. It’s been making us grin like fools all day and put this twinkle in our eyes. It’s going to be a good day. 🙂

The only bit of hesitancy…of concern…is this wild weather. The temperature is not supposed to get above freezing until about the time we plan on leaving tomorrow, so the roads are a little dicey. Nothing about this process has come without some complication, and it would seem that this weather is tomorrow’s added measure of fun. However, we are trusting in God’s provision for safe travels to and from the doctors office…so we aren’t spending too much time thinking on it.

So for now, it’s off to bed. I’ll have time to post again in the morning, then’ll we’ll be off on the next chapter of this wild, wonderful story…

Blessed am I!


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