pain in my rear.

So the much dreaded progesterone shots {aka “PIO” shots for ‘progesterone in oil} have begun. Because my lining wasn’t cooperating, we’ve already had a little practice with the intramuscular shots. Those were a little bit thinner oil and a little bit of a smaller needle, so it was a good practice. {Those are still happening…every other day both cheeks get a shot!}

Chris has been a champ at giving me the shots…the PIO have been no exception. We have had a few kinks we’re trying to work out…we’re finding that the position of these shots is *very* important in how sore I am afterwards, as well as how slowly he pushes in the medicine.

The first day really went pretty well. The shot itself truly isn’t bad {even though I have to remind myself of that every time we do one}…as a matter of fact when he did it I kind of wondered what the big deal even was. Untillllll I rolled over and stood up. Then I could feel that thick ol’ medicine. And as it got sore, I really understood. I was walking around and sitting down like a little old lady from day 1.

The soreness from day two’s shot was just no good. Terrible even. A big knot, trouble sleeping {because every time I moved my rear would scream “OUCH!”}, a bit of mental distress wondering how I was going to do this for “almost 100 days” {as my dear husband kept reminding me.}

Thank goodness, days 3 & 4 have been better. Maybe we’ve found the sweet spot. I’ve got a new heating pad, which is pretty great.

I even styled my needles & meds into cute little wire baskets & empty soup cans wrapped in yarn. Now everything is accessible and makes me feel happier about my date with the shots every evening at 5:30.

I’m so weird like that.

Blessed am I.

P.S. – To my dear future children…your grandfather said this, and I’m pretty sure we all agree. You are never allowed to give me an ounce of sass…I’m doing some terribly uncomfortable things to get you here. And if you start to forget that…your father and I will remind you. 😉


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