It’s been a few days since our last appointment with the doctor…the one that didn’t go quite as expected. In the days since, our medicine made it here through the east coast snow storm. Our paramedic friend came over with his wife to give me the first shot {it’s one of the bigger ones that goes in my hip – not quite as big as what’s coming} and to give a ‘lesson’ to the others on shot-giving. It was surprisingly *not* as bad as I had thought it might be. I barely felt the needle / medicine, and although it left a little bruise/knot, it was nothing terrible. Now once I’ve been doing the shots everyday, the situation may change a little…we’ll see!

Then on Friday, Chris gave me a shot all by himself. I am so proud of him – it was a hard thing for him to do. He went for it though, and it was all good – didn’t hurt at all. He did another one today…he’s basically becoming an old pro. 😉

Today we had our check-in with the doctor to see if my lining was looking better. It was a quick visit…slightly uncomfortable, but ended with good news! My lining is up to around 7.5, the doctor said the “architecture” of my uterus looked really good {weird, but yay!}…so we’re back on track! I got a new schedule…continue with what I’m doing now for a few more days, add in the progesterone shots {from here on out to be called PIO shots} on Thursday, then transfer two of our little ones on the 24th!

We are relieved, excited, and praising God for today’s good news. The 24th will be here before we know it! {Interesting tidbit – 24 is my mom’s & my favorite number!} Chris and I spent the rest of the day celebrating Valentine’s day {a day late} with hibachi, the gun range, and a little shopping. Happy day, happy news!

Blessed am I!


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