My first pregnancy.

I’ve been wanting to blog for daayyyysss. But obviously, it just hasn’t been happening. One of my transfer-cycle preps has been to go to bed/sleep as close to 9 p.m. as I can {I figure a well rested body is a happy body} so that cramps blogging style a bit. Add to that school work, baby shower prep, Beth Moore bible study, a trip home to see the family…well you get it.

Most of the transfer-cycle hasn’t seemed like a big deal. I got the hang of the little shots; I can do those no big deal. I started taking my estrogen pills and didn’t turn into a hormone-crazed ogre or anything. Probably a little edgier than normal, a bit snappier at times {sorry again mom :/}. There have been a couple of can’t-stop-crying-not-sure-why-I-started moments, and I’ve fought feeling overwhelmed at times. Hard to say if the estrogen is to blame for all of that though. Overall, it’s been fine. I tried to cut back on caffeine, drink more water, and be well rested.

I had my second check-in with the doctor. Last time my uterus was thin & “calm.” The goal for this second appointment was for it to be thick & fluffy. Everything started out fine…had my blood drawn, joked around with the doctor. The ultrasound was fast, but I could tell he wasn’t exactly pleased. Turns out my lining was at a 3.something…and he was hoping to see it around a 7. :/

No bueno. 

So the new plan became this – push the progesterone shots & transfer back {womp womp} and add in an additional estrogen shot. Both my doctor & nurse were bummed for me, but tried to reassure me that we have time to get this cycle back on track. {The doctor acted kind of confused with my uterus…he said I’ve had a great lining in the past.} The nurse called in the prescription to the pharmacy, scheduled me to come back in on Sunday to check the lining again, and sent me off with one of those grimace/smile faces.

I took the news well…no tears at that time. {There were a few later while God and I worked out how I am not quite understanding what’s going on with the timing here…} I wandered around doing a little dazed shopping…honestly feeling stumped. I decided it couldn’t hurt to try some of the old things a lot of women do religiously – POM juice {pomegranate}, raspberries, raspberry leaf tea, avocados, so I loaded up on those things at Target.

At one point in the afternoon I had a really fun {insert sarcasm here} conversation with the lady at the pharmacy about how a) the generic version of the medicine I needed was out of stock, which left me getting the over $400 version, and b) how the snowstorm the east coast is getting right now would mean I couldn’t get the medicine until Wednesday. Awesome.

And then somewhere in there Chris called and said he had gotten a call for a job interview the next day {yay!} and that they said he would need a suit jacket and tie. It turned into a bit of a long day…driving and suit shopping and scratching our heads about what in the world was going on. Definitely an up and down kind of day. 

I was so happy to pop a couple of Tylenol’s for my headache and go. to. bed.

Tuesday was a better day from the start. Thanks to God I had a great nights sleep, Chris felt really good about his interview, I felt encouraged by the Word and family/friends, and it was an incredibly beautiful, sunny day. I even had the wonderful surprise of Chris showing up at the end of the school day with a beautiful bouquet of tulips from the florist. He was still wearing his suit, so he was looking really good…totally melted my heart. 🙂

Today the medicine was delivered, and I called in our friend the paramedic to come give me the first shot. {These were intramuscular…longer needles. Not quite as big a gauge as the needle the progesterone will take, but definitely bigger than the little shots I give myself each morning.} His wife and Chris watched and got the tutorial from him…they’re on my shot-giving team. {Yep. I have a team for that.} I had been so busy today that I didn’t have much time to work up into being nervous, and because I was running short on time I didn’t have time to pre-heat my hip like I had planned. 😉 In the end, I was very pleasantly surprised that the first shot wasn’t that bad. I didn’t really feel any of it, and the needle wasn’t as long as it had grown to in my imagination. I could feel the medicine afterwards…it will be a little sore. I can see how they won’t be fun once my rear is sore all over, but for today – victory!!

It’s basically a waiting game until Sunday. My village of prayer-warrior have graciously agreed to pray for my uterus {I owe these people big time.} and I’m praying that God will use this as an opportunity to really show up & show off. He’s the creator of this body, the author of this story – so it’s up to Him to thicken this lining up!


Oh yes. About that “my first pregnancy” heading. I’ve decided it feels like I’m trying to birth a pregnancy here. Then once we’ve gotten to that point, we’ll have another whole pregnancy to actually birth the babies. It’s kind of exhausting to think about at times. The route that I thought would be faster is actually proving to be twice as long. But, as Chris and I like to say, we’re going to make it. And as everyone else likes to say, once we are holding our little ones, it will all be worth it. And God is definitely up to something here…so I’m willing to see it through. 😉

Blessed am I.


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