right where we need to be.

Yesterday I took half a day off of work and drove up to the big city for my first check-up with the fertility specialist since starting my meds. It was pretty routine really…wrote them a big fat check {this time to pay for the storage of our little embies!}, popped into the lab for blood work, turned over a bunch forms {most of which were notarized}, and then it was time for the stirrups. {Turns out there are quite a few stirrup jokes among women in infertility land. As well as groups you can join to get someone to send you a pair of fancy socks to wear while your feet have to be in the stirrups. I haven’t joined said groups, but I have been on the look out for some great socks…}

But I digress.

Our regular doctor wasn’t in, so I saw his associate…who looked to be about my age. Or younger. Is younger even possible? Could I already be a full fledged, on my own doctor at 30? {I should be able to answer this…my parents took out a loan to send me to medical camp one summer.}

But I digress.

The ultrasound itself was pretty quick. She said that my ovaries and uterus looked “calm”…which is good. I don’t know that calm was the word I was expecting to hear per say, but as long as it’s good – I’ll take it!

I had a quick check-in with my nurse to go over the forms {even still, there was one missing later…so it’s back to our good friend the notary yet again} and to make sure I was on track with my meds. Oh and to see if we’ve had our visit with the psychologist yet. 

Wait, say what? 

*Sigh* Turns out, we have to talk to yet another person to demonstrate our understanding that we are transferring ‘donated tissue’ {medical term, not mine} and will therefore be raising a child who is not genetically related to us.

I get why this is an important conversation to have. I really do. It’s why we’ve had this very conversation. Over and over again. With God. With ourselves. With each other. With our families, With our pastor. With half of our church. With the social worker who did the home study. With the agency. With the doctor. With random people. {That last one is mostly on Chris’ part.} There’s been a lot of talking surrounding every bit of this process.

So yes, it was a bit frustrating to hear that there is another hoop to jump through….especially when we are right here at the end. {And I’m sure this lady ain’t free, so it was a bit frustrating to hear that we’re going to have to pay more money.}

I took the day to roll my eyes about it, but by now I’m in ‘fine, let’s check this off our list then’ mode. Hopefully it will be done within a week or so and I’m praying there are no more surprise to-do’s.

Beyond that, I’m starting my estrogen pills tomorrow and decreasing my lupron. Praying that a) my body will react the way it is supposed to, b) I won’t have any weepy / mean side effects. I’m thankful that this one is in pill form, so yay for that.

So that’s where we’re at. Right where we need to be! 🙂

Blessed am I.


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