a few last thoughts.

Not last thoughts as in the end of this blog. Just a few last thoughts as in the last {for now} of the things I’ve been reading/hearing that I want to keep track of. 🙂

From a sermon a couple of weeks ago called “Knowing Our God” by my pastor Nathan Buchanan.

“Not to us, O Lord, not to us – but to your name be the glory because of your love and faithfulness!” – Psalm 115:1

Life is all about God – He is glory. He can be trusted because of His love and faithfulness.

We know that God is with us, but seldom do we know what he’ll do next in our lives. We don’t get our security from what God is doing, but in who He is. 

From “James: Mercy Triumphs” by Beth Moore

In Christ, family does not shrink, it grows.

Sometimes God has to take us over here to prepare us to go back over there. 🙂

Every struggle you go through is meant to make a space for grace.

Entitlement caves to the earthquake of grace.


Blessed am I.


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