the big 3-0!

Yesterday was my 30th birthday…and it was pretty grand! 🙂 I celebrated with my mother & sister-in-law a couple of weekends ago {my sil’s birthday is a few days before mine} and I went out with the husband on Friday night for a tasty dinner at Olive Garden. Yesterday he & I met his parents for breakfast, then later in the afternoon my oldest friend {as in we’ve been close since we were 12} came in to hang out with me. Since I don’t completely have my life together these days, my best girl friends put together a girls dinner for me at Rio Mambo. Not all of my closest girls were able to come, but 5 beautiful friends joined me to celebrate. My friend Rachel made a beautiful & tasty strawberry ombre cake, and several of the girls put together an incredible gift of all of my ‘favorite things.’ It’s always a fun time when we get together! 🙂

The husband really came through for me and made my weirdo birthday dreams come true…big number balloons! It’s all I asked him for…a big 3 and 0. Since we live in a small town, they weren’t the easiest to track down…he ended up having to drive over an hour each way to pick them up. {On a day he wasn’t feeling good, no less!} They were bigger and even more glorious than I could have imagined…I love them so much. He made me so happy!

A few pictures from the day…


30a 30b

Blessed am I! Hopefully next year we’ll have a couple of babies to celebrate with us!


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