love, hugs & prayers.

Yesterday we received our first personal correspondence from our genetic family. I knew it was on it’s way because of the heads up I received from the agency {all correspondence goes through them at this time} and I was definitely anticipating it’s arrival. It turned out to be a Christmas card with a very sweet note written inside and a picture of their children. {Adorable!} Chris read the card out loud to me, we oohed and aahed over the picture, and I felt so encouraged by her words. It is obvious that she has fully released the embryos to us and sees them as ours, and she is looking forward to babies for us and seeing their pictures one day. It meant so much to me that she saw us & these snow babies as ‘meant to be’ according to God’s plan…I just keep thinking of what incredible people they must be to come alongside us in this way! The other thing that I loved {can you tell that I loved receiving a card from her?!} was how she just talked about everything with such certainty…like we already have full-fledged babies on the way. I have a lot of really encouraging people in my life, and a handful of people who speak such certainty and peace into our family…it’s really cool that she is in that group. 🙂

On a funny note, there is one of their children who Chris always gets a kick out of in pictures…and we learned via the picture that one of their boys shares Chris’ name. We’re not positive that it’s the same one Chris loves in the pictures…but we’re going with it like he’s one and the same. 😉

Love, hugs, & prayers is how she signed off on her letter…wishing I could send the same back to her right now!

Blessed am I.


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