let’s get this party started.

This past Friday, Chris and I bundled up and drove through the cold rain to our much-anticipated appointment with our fertility doctor. He made the comment the night before that he was sure I was excited…but that wasn’t really the word for it. Mostly I was ready for it…ready to know the timeline, ready to know what will be expected of me medicine-wise, ready to get a feel for how all of this was going to work.

Our appointment started with bloodwork for me, then we were deposited in one of the conference rooms to wait for the doctor. I’m pretty sure Chris & I have fought in those conference rooms on every previous visit…the fertility clinic is not exactly a fun place. *However,* I am pleased to say that we did not fight this time! Victory! šŸ˜‰ The doctor came in eventually to visit with us about our process and our embryos. He was full of spunk {and curse words, ha!} as always, but also said he could tell that this route had been the right one for us and that he was pleased with the embryos we ended up with.

From there we went into one of the exam rooms where he did an ultrasound and a mock-transfer to basically ‘get the lay of the land.’ It was quick and only mildly uncomfortable, and when it was done he was very pleased and confident with my health status & our little ones. He explained about more about the day of the transfer, then he was off and we were back in the conference room to have our ‘teaching session.’

It’s always interesting to meet someone that you’ve been e-mailing back and forth, on and off, for months. I have had some frustrated moments with my contact point at the doctors office, and I’ve definitely felt like I probably annoy the heck out of her. She’s never been rude, just pretty short and direct. Turns out we understand each other much better in person. She is still pretty too the point, but somehow being able to see her face when she says it and understand that it’s not personal was quite a relief for me. She is part of our village after all, this group of people coming together to help us have a baby.Ā 

Her job for the day was to give me the run-down on the medicine regimen and teach Chris and I how to administer the meds. We were able to look over an example cycle calendar, and it looks like she is super organized {which I love!} so I think we’ll be able to keep track of everything pretty easily.

I’m already on birth control and just started prenatal vitamins. Once everything officially kicks off I’ll start with Lupron shots. I’ve never given myself a shot before…but those look doable. It’s a pretty small little needle, and I’ve got a little extra cushion in my stomach area after the holidays. šŸ˜‰ From there we add in the estrogen pills. Obviously I’m happy that will be in pill form, I’m just curious how that will affect me. Probably need to do a bit of research.

So far, so good.

Then she pulled out the progesterone. Whew. Big needle {that has to go *all* the way in to my rump/hip area} and a thiiiick liquid/oil/medicine business. I knew from some of the reading I’ve done online to be a little nervous about this one….and yeah. She did a good job of explaining it all to us, and the truth is that it is a necessary evil. It did pretty much confirm for us that Chris is probably 95% out on giving me the shots…so the village is about to be growing to the many people who will hopefully be on rotation to give me shots for 3 months or so. šŸ™‚

Right now I’m mostly on the “out of sight, out of mind” track with the progesterone. I’ll face that one when the time comes, but not going to let myself get worked up about it in advance.

We scheduled our transfer for February 17th…I’ll start the meds sometime in the next couple of weeks. There was definitely a lot to take in at our appointment, but I’d say we left feeling good about our standing and about what’s to come.Ā 

I’m reminded of a quote I heard in a sermon…it went something like this – “You can handle any how, any means…if you know they why.” The why is incredibly important to me…and with God as my help, I can handle the how.

Blessed am I.


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