last week.

Last week was a doozy…busy at school, busy at church in the evenings, busy getting ready for a birthday party I was decorating for this past weekend {my first paid gig!}. Good overall, and got a lot done…but wow.

On top of it, I started birth control on Monday. Step 1 in prepping my body to accept our embryos.

My body must know what’s going on though. It’s been rebelling against me for going on a year now…why would I expect it to be any different now. ūüėČ All that praying and hoping the period I was finishing up would be the last one for a looong time must have made it decide to rage on 5 days longer than it should have…5 days into the birth control. The nurse assured me that I was fine, that it was normal. But wowza.

On top of that, I’ve really been noticing that my already thin hair appears to be thinning. If I’m not careful with my part, I end up with a cowlick {is that how you spell that?} that¬†goes way too far down the back of my head. When I pull my hair into a ponytail, I have to be really careful to¬†feather my¬†hair out over the little¬†areas where¬†scalp is showing.

It’s not cool, to say the least.

I talked with my¬†hairdresser & friend about it when I got my hair cut this week, and she said that oftentimes when someone goes through a time of¬†major stress, their hair starts to fall out a bit afterwards.¬†Just your bodies way of trying¬†to recoup¬†I guess. If that’s what the problem is, she¬†said eventually it would stop and my¬†hair would thicken back up a bit.

Being so busy meant I didn’t have time to work out, and all I felt like eating was junk. {Maybe the birth control had something to do with how overly bloated I felt all week…or it could have been the extra carbs I seemed to keep putting in my mouth.}

I’m not super informed on what medications, etc I’ll have to take before the transfer, but I know there is a chance that things will only get weirder from here.

All will be well…just praying for a calmer week with my body! ūüėČ

Blessed is she.


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