All praise and glory!

How am I just now getting a chance to write about the fact that we are officially matched with a genetic family?



They have 4 embryos that we will be officially adopting as soon as the contracts are drawn up, signed, and notarized!

We first received their profile information on September 11th, but we’ve been waiting over a month for the doctor to review the information, blood work to be done / sent in, and for the doctor to review the blood work. We heard back officially on October 20th, and I felt like it was much more of a ‘for sure thing’ {although that was literally only in my mind because it was just as ‘for sure’ the day before} after I talked to the agency on the 21st.

The plan from here is…

1) Contracts!

2) Arrange shipping…yes, we will be sending out a big ol’ prayer request for the FedEx truck & driver getting our embies from there to here. 🙂

3) Medical portion begins…mock trials, shots, meds. It’s all greek to me at this point {since we’ve done zippo fertility treatments leading up to this}.

If everything clicks along, it is possible we could do a transfer sometime in December.


More on all the feelings that accompany this news on another day because, yes, there have been feelings. 😉 In the meantime, all praise & glory to our God and King, author of this adventure and perfector of my faith!

Blessed are we.



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