Pray…and carry a shovel.

If you listen to Beth Moore very often, you know that she has this fantastic way of seeing God in everything. In the simplest of things, in the craziest of things {Have you heard of her wooden leg & snake story? *Hilarious*}…she can pull some sort of spiritual application out.

Well I’m here to tell y’all…I had a Beth Moore moment a couple of weeks ago. Chris just rolled his eyes at me…especially when I did a little dance to celebrate the moment…and said he was sure I would tell everyone about it. {Which I can’t say is untrue…here I am, after all.}


We were walking the dog one evening. The weather was lovely, and a lot of people were out and about. One of our neighbors was sitting out on her front porch, and we could see her husband in the lot next to their house walking around with his metal detector and a shovel. As we walked by, she shouted out something about “See what you have to look forward to in 30 year? That crazy man is out there thinking he’s going to find something.” With an eye roll on her part and a giggle on ours, we walked by and gave her husband a wave.

After we were done laughing, I realized the significance of the moment. He wasn’t just walking around with a metal detector. No, he was expecting to find something, and when he did, he would be ready. In the other hand he had a shovel.

It reminded me that when we pray, we should expect God to answer. We should believe him to fulfill His promises. To intercede for us. To make His glory known. It doesn’t mean we always know how He will answer…and the answer might be ‘no’ or ‘wait.’ But He will answer.

Prayer without belief just doesn’t make sense, and yet…I often struggle with putting my full confidence in Him when I pray. That’s wrong of me. I need to pray expecting that He will answer, then I need to walk around with a shovel {be watchful for His working} until He answers. It’s one of the things God has been talking to me about, and I’m thankful for that practical picture in my mind to help me remember it.

A few days later, I read a verse that backed this line of thought up…it’s one I need to memorize for sure. 🙂

Psalm 5:3 – “In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.”

Can ya dig it? 😉

Blessed am I.


3 thoughts on “Pray…and carry a shovel.

  1. I think it maybe it was Jessica who quoted something like this from that book she was reading: When we pray for rain we should leave the house with our umbrella & rain boots! God must think “Oh ye of little faith” all too often. Love reading your thoughts! -Mom

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