Life & Glory.

Several weeks ago, my mother-in-law was chatting with someone at her church, catching up with one another on how one another’s families are doing and what their children are all up to these days. Through the course of the conversation, my MIL ended up telling her friend about our embryo adoption adventure. The woman was floored to hear about this option for families, especially because she has a family member who had gone through in vitro and has been considering what to do with their remaining embryos. She {along with another family member, who also goes to church with my MIL} excitedly agreed to tell the woman & her husband about it to see if they would be interested in more information, or in potentially matching with us.

{Definitely one of those six-degrees of separation thing…or the telephone game.}

A few weeks passed by with no word, and in the meantime we were presented with a great match from the agency to consider.

Then, a week ago today, my mother-in-law received word that the woman was interested in talking with Chris and I in person, and passed along her phone number so I could give her a call. I nervously gave her a call {calling a stranger, not knowing quite what they are thinking or what their story will be feels kind of weird, I gotta say.} but ended up having to leave a message.

She called me back a few days later…and we talked for over an hour. All those nerves turned out to be for nothing, because she was a super sweet, Christian woman who shared a common belief with me about the value of life and of her little embryos. We each shared our story to arriving at this point, about what God has taught us through infertility, about the struggles each of us have had / have to find clarity as to how God would have each of us to move forward. We talked about the possibility of us adopting their embryos, but since we are feeling confident about the match presented to us by the agency {and because they are still in the early stages of deciding if they are ready to place their embryos for adoption} we decided it is best at this time for us to simply pray for one another and {hopefully!} remain in touch with one another.

Although we obviously come at this from opposite sides, it was so encouraging and incredible to be able to talk with someone who gets it. Infertility is like a club I wish no one belonged to…but since that’s not the case, it sure is nice to have someone who understands the burdens & joys. It lightens the load, reminds you that you aren’t so alone or so weird…

After a lot of talking with one another and a bit of dreaming with one another, we prayed with one another. My heart was filled with such gratitude…that God brought us to together, that I was able to speak life and encouragement to her {along with practical information about embryo adoption & Nightlight Christian Adoption Agency}, that we were able to testify to one another about God’s goodness and His grace and His glory.

I pray there will be more conversations like this in the future…more new friends to be made. There are people out there who pursue this route {or embryo donation} who keep it to themselves…but I know that is not what God has called Chris & I to. He’s made it clear from the beginning that we are to speak life & glory, and I was thankful for the chance to do that with this sweet sister in Christ.

Blessed am I.


4 thoughts on “Life & Glory.

  1. What a beautiful story, I’m so glad you were able to connect with that woman even though it sounds like you may have found a good match through the clinic. You’re so right about infertility being a club, oh how I wish there weren’t any members of that club!!

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