State of the Union.

Lots of waiting on God and watching to see what He’s up to in the last few days…

We know that Chris’ job is going buh-bye within the next year or so. He’s been looking and applying for jobs for several months now, and on Friday he had a phone interview for a position about 4 hours from where we are living now. No idea how we would work that out, so trying not to spend too much time sorting through it until we have an official need to. God would have to be all over that one to coordinate it, because I’m just not seeing it at this point. We should hear back this week whether or not they want him to come in for a second interview.

Later that afternoon, he stopped by a local business to apply for a recently posted position they have. He ended up talking with the owner for over 2 hours and was super excited about the visit. We are expecting to hear back from him sometime this week to set up an official interview time.

So two job opportunities on the horizon.

We are also hoping to hear this week regarding the blood work our doctor requested from the donor family we are considering matching with. We aren’t expecting any surprising news, just in a holding pattern until the results are officially in.

And in another twist, I am also waiting to connect with a family who has more questions about embryo adoption. {We were connected through my mother-in-law and a member of the church she goes to.} Since I haven’t talked to her I don’t know if they are just wanting more information or are considering wanting to match with us privately. Not sure what to do with particular bit of information, but again not putting too much thought into it until I’m able to talk with her and find out what they are thinking.

Needless to say, it could be very interesting around these parts this weekend.

In other news, I’ve been reflecting a bit on this journey of ours…September 23rd was the ‘anniversary’ of when we received the official diagnosis of infertility from the doctor. {That’s also when he told us in vitro was our best shot…} It hasn’t been weighing too heavily on me…I didn’t even think of it at all on that particular day, only realized it had passed a day or two later. I had intended on writing about it this weekend, but got caught up in a good book….so I’ll save those thoughts for another time. 🙂

Praying for the Lord’s clear directions this week!

Blessed am I.


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