How many people does it take…

Time just gets away from me sometimes…here’s where we stand with the current match opportunity. ­čÖé

Received the match information on September 11th, felt good about it from the start. Didn’t match our preferences 100%, but got pretty darn close…and much closer than any of the other matches that were presented. Most importantly, the number of embryos was right.

Sent the info on to the doctor on the 12th, and received word that he would be leaving for a week on the following Tuesday. Insert lots of prayers from us & our prayer circle of family & friends that he would get back with us on his recommendation before leaving.

Weekend comes and goes, then Monday was quite a bit of e-mailing back and forth. Once again not totally pleased with the lady I was corresponding with at the doctors office…could be much more forthcoming and helpful…but I didn’t let it make me super mad this time.

In the end, the hang-up with the doctors office was that the genetic family does not have current infectious disease screenings. {They had it done when the embryos were created, but since they were being created by/for them at that time and now they are technically “donors,” it needs to be re-done. A technicality really.} So our agency director got in touch with the family & asked them to do the additional blood work. They agreed & a kit was sent out to them. {Yay genetic family – y’all rock already!}

So, we’ve taken a step forward…and now we wait a bit more.

Sometimes I feel like we’re in the┬ámiddle of some really ridiculous┬ájoke…”How many people does it take to get Heather & Chris a baby?” We’ve now added a couple of extra postal workers and lab workers to the list with this extra blood work. ­čśë

While we wait, we are continuing to pray & check in with one another…so far we both feel good that this is the match for us. I doubt we’ll hear back from the doctor this week, but once we do we’ll hopefully be prepared to make a final decision and move forward.

It’s an exciting time, and although I started off feeling that ol’ terror rise up, I’ve been able to rest in faith & in the present. It’s good stuff.

Blessed am I.

…One more thing that I just have to share…on Monday we also received a really sweet surprise from the genetic family {via the agency, of course}…updated pictures of their boys! The information we received initially didn’t contain pics of their newest babies, so she knew we would probably like to see pictures of everyone. It was a welcome and touching surprise, definitely endeared my heart toward her and helped me know that she is open and invested in this process. Special moment for sure!


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