Moving forward with strength.

Hi ho, hi ho, back into matching we go….

Well, I guess technically we hadn’t left matching. But as it is, we {in agreement with our advisor at the agency} withdrew our profile from the family that was considering it.

I don’t know the exact date they received the profile, but I do know that they had it over 3 weeks total…probably closer to 4 or 5. Initially they were on vacation, then they just needed ‘a few more days’ to reach a decision, and in the end they ‘just hadn’t had time to talk about it.’ In the end, we decided that their inability to make a decision was the decision.

That last part was really frustrating to me…they had to know that our profile is only shown to one family at a time, so because they ‘didn’t have time’ to make a decision, we were sitting ducks for an entire month.

But, all we can do is move forward.

When I e-mailed with our agency advisor about our concerns, she agreed that we should withdraw and apologized for the delay.

Once we had that all settled, I felt like a switch had been flipped and some of the pressure building inside me was able to release. Then yesterday, I was thinking about how easy it is for me to get discouraged…to give in to the terror that this won’t work. As I walked the dog and breathed in this cool, breezy, and beautiful August day {basically unheard of in Texas} I decided that I didn’t want to feel scared and weak. I wanted to feel strong.

I know the type of strength I need to press forward can only come from the Lord. He has poured it lavishly on me in the past, and in my weakness I know that He will be strong again. So once again, I laid it down…opened my hands…and asked forgiveness for my lack of faith. And then, I breathed in His strength. I long for the day when I learn this lesson for good.

Blessed am I.



4 thoughts on “Moving forward with strength.

  1. Baby girl….don’t think your momma hasn’t been reduced to begging God to answer your prayers….you two are never in this alone. We will hang in there and keep looking forward to a miracle!

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