A Graceful Waiting – Harvest Home.

Part 3 of “A Graceful Waiting” by Jan Frank is here…this really was a challenging and wonderful read. I’m planning on passing it on to a friend tomorrow and pray that it blesses and encourages her as it did for me.


When Waiting Becomes Wisdom

*David Schroeder said, “When I am not sure which way I am to go, I look for the promise of life and the promise of God. I look for whatever seems to be the direction which promises the most life for others around me. When I find that, I follow it with all my heart. If it truly is the direction of God, it will be accompanied by signs of fulfillment. There will be evidence of fruit. If there is not, then I know I have made a mistake.”

When Waiting Becomes Wellsprings

*In my waiting seasons, I have tended to lose my joy. Sometimes it was missing for quite some time before I noticed, I was so busy “doing.” … I have discovered that the greatest joy is to be found in his presence, not in the resolution to a problem, the answer to a long-awaited prayer, or the end of a waiting season.

*Waiting, affliction, unanswered prayers, trials, and emotional shipwrecks are all the temporary storms that produce a deeper, more mature love for our Lord.

When Waiting Becomes Worship

*Waiting becomes worship when we are able by faith to grasp a small portion of God’s eternal plan. We “see” with faith eyes how his hand has worked in and through the circumstances of our lives, causing us to love him more.

*The word hope is often used interchangeably with wait in scripture. Dr. Ed Curtis says that “waiting in these scriptures implies an expectation of fulfillment – in other words, hope.”


Gracefully waiting. Hopefully waiting.

Blessed am I.


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