*Originally written on Tuesday, June 17th*

Yesterday I was posting crazy talk about Facebook posts and #summerhousewife and that refining little thing called waiting. And today, we received a potential match {pending our doctors approval, our approval, and a Skype conversation with the genetic family} and Chris got a call to schedule a job interview.


Let’s start with the potential match.

We’re not telling our parents until we have an official match, so that’s hard. We are trying to manage our expectations for what it should feel like when we’ve found ‘the ones,’ so that’s hard. I think in some way we are expecting love at first sight or fireworks or an instant “YES!”…but I’m not convinced that it will be that way.

So instead, we took stock of our initial reaction. Info on the embryos looks good from what we can see…they’ve been frozen longer than we {or our doctor} would like, but I’m hoping the rest of their stats will be strong enough to give our doctor warm fuzzy feelings. {Or at least ‘yes, these are solid embryos’ feelings.} The family looks nice; we enjoyed reading their letter and looking through their pictures…they are quite different from us, I would say. Not sure how essential it is that we feel some big connection with them…maybe it’s more about building a relationship as babies come along and grow.

They did write about the importance of laughter in their family, which is obviously big for us, so I think we can definitely come to be friends with anyone who shares that sentiment.

We agreed to sleep on it, then if we still feel comfortable with everything, go ahead and have our doctor look over the embryos information tomorrow. Chris was hung up a bit on moving forward with embryos while there are still so many questions in regards to his job…but we tried to just breathe deeply and pray and not overthink it too much.

I haven’t posted about this much…if at all…but Chris was told several weeks ago that the office he works for is going to be closing. We don’t know the definite timeline {it’s a government thing} but we know it’s coming, so the job search has begun. It’s been stressful and a battle against the depression that has a tendency to pull at Chris, but I also see it as an answer to prayer for so many reasons. I have *full* faith that God is working in this situation, and I know that what God has for us is always for our good. So I’m trusting and praying and waiting/watching to see what He’s up to.

So I gotta say, it was pretty darn exciting when Chris got a phone call tonight about the job he’s really been interested in. He has an interview later this week…it’s good stuff.

I can’t help but notice the timing of everything…not trying to get ahead of myself, just keeping my eyes on God and wondering if the next steps, the next pieces of the puzzle are being presented to us.

Time will tell! 🙂

Blessed am I.

*follow-up post immediately following…


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