What a week, what a year.

Today is the husby’s and my 4th wedding anniversary. {And, in just two days my little brotha’ will be watching his own bride down walk down the aisle!} June brides are especially beautiful, if I do say so myself. *wink*

Here are a few pictures from our big day…

wedding1 wedding2 wedding4 wedding3

The ‘MASH’ meme was just for fun of course. It took me back to my elementary days…

Today Chris stayed home from work {to be explained momentarily} so we lounged around, did some housework / packing for the wedding weekend, then went off for an evening on the town. Since Chris always likes my ‘relaxed’ look best, I put on my “My Husband Rocks” t-shirt and off we went! First to the gun range, where I started off terrible and eventually got my groove on enough to throw down an amazingly solid grouping. {Never mind it was from only 3 yards.} Then to Target for a few wedding necessities {dress socks, eyeliner, nail polish…you know} and anniversary card shopping.

Chris had already bought my card, along with a beautiful bouquet of lilies. {The traditional 4th anniversary gift is flowers…and yes, of course I had to tell him that.} I hadn’t gotten one yet, so I told him to get lost while I looked. 😉 He kept walking by like a total creeper, so I finally just told him to come on over. We ended up having a moment of brilliance…and came up with an idea that will probably become a tradition in our household. I love giving {and getting!} greeting cards, but they are so darn expensive! So he stood by me, and each time I found a card that expressed my feelings for him, he would read it and then put it back. This went on for a little while…serious cards, funny cards, sweet cards…I got to ‘say’ so much more to him than I would have had I just given him one card. Eventually he found one that he deemed his favorite. We read it again together, I took his picture, then he put it back and we moved on with our shopping. Genius!

wedding7 wedding8

Chris with his card…not sure if he is wanting to laugh or cry in that last pic…

We wrapped up the evening with sushi and Starbucks…we really had a nice time together. *blush*


4 years of bliss & blisters! {Chris coined that phrase today…it’s pretty fitting.}

So yes, it was a good anniversary…which followed on the tails of a roller coaster week. {And a roller coaster year, but that story isn’t a new one.} As I mentioned in my last post {which I *just* posted, although I wrote it last week} we have been considering a potential match, and Chris had a job interview. Since his interview last Thursday, our days have been filled with waiting.

Waiting on the doctor to review the embryo information…

Waiting on the interviewer to get back with Chris about whether or not he’s hired…

We finally stopped waiting to tell our parents about the match and let them know what was going on {our reasoning for not telling didn’t prove to be solid and sensible over time}, which helped some with managing our thoughts and anxiety, but there have been some tough moments of wondering when we were going to hear something. To hear anything.

Yesterday Chris finally got a call back on the job, and was told that they went with another applicant who had more experience. It was very disappointing for us, and I worried about the effect it would have on Chris. Which is why, in the name of good mental health and a happy anniversary, I asked him to take the day off of work and spend it having fun with me. The only stipulation was that he didn’t mope around and dwell on the missed job opportunity. He was quick to take me up on the “get out of work free” offer, and he held up his end of the bargain today.

Frustratingly, we are still waiting to hear from our doctor. He has had the information for a week and a day now, which is a long time considering Chris and I were supposed to have a week to make the decision to move forward with these embryos or not. Our agency has been very understanding and encouraging, I just wish I was feeling the same level of understanding from the doctors office end. I don’t like to seem like a pushy person…and I’m sooo non-confrontational…so trying to kindly and yet firmly communicate the urgency this requires has been a challenge for me.

Through the reading I’ve done this week, God has been speaking directly to the areas of waiting and trusting, of focusing on today, of patiently watching Him to see where and how He’s working. Without it I probably would have been a mess, so I’m thankful that He is so faithful to give me what I need each day. I have moments when I fail at it miserably {as evidenced by a few times this week} so I’m also thankful for His grace and mercy.

At one point today, as we talked about the ‘bliss & blisters’ of the last 4 years, we had a moment of honesty with one another in saying that this season of uncertainty doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime very soon. We each took a deep breath and reassured one another that we’re in this thing together…that we’ll be alright…that God has a plan and a promise to work good into everything we go through, so long as we keep our eyes and hearts focused on Him.

So year 5, here we come. We’re learning to take *all* that God’s hand offers us, and my prayer is that we will fight the hard times less and embrace the joyful times more fully.


My favorite marriage quote…

Blessed am I.


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