Not Showing, But Still Glowing.

Last night we had a BBQ with some of my favorite people…there was food galore, fun, talking, and big sun hats. {Okay, so it was just me with the sun hat, but whatevs.}

There was also another pregnancy announcement.

I mean, how fertile are these people I’m friends with anyway?!

So at this point, I’m clicking through my friends trying to decide if there are any more possibilities of announcements in the near future. Out of my Sunday School class…no. Two girls are preggo, one just had a baby, and one is going to pop any day now. Outside of my class it is a possibility…and among my other friends there are a few more who are trying. So the answer is yes. Undoubtedly more announcements to come.

It’s like in college, when you would drool over pictures of rings while all of your friends were getting engaged.

Only now, I’m drooling over babies. Which is kind of payback…because when I hold babies, they generally drool on me.


No really, all is well. I had a brief moment of watery eyes {someone was cutting up onions…I blame that!} and then snapped out of it. Found a job to do while the pregnancy talk was going on, and had a little pep talk with my other friend who is waiting on a birthmother to choose them. “Look at all of these announcements!” we said…”Surely ours will come soon, and it will be one big babyfest around here!”

Then today, I was reminded again of how it all really is about perspective. Breakfast on the patio with one of my dearest, sweetest friends…who is single. This woman who would make an amazing momma, yet doesn’t know if she’ll get that opportunity. I’ve wanted to tell her, to voice to her that I think of her often in that struggle, that I recognize the pain she must feel. So I did…and my heart was broken for her all over again as she acknowledged the hurt and moved the conversation along.

I’ve been re-memorizing a verse the last few days…meditating on it and trying to really let it sink in to my heart. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

God has been speaking to me in a fresh way through this verse. TRUST…even when you don’t understand. ACKNOWLEDGE Him…in all things.

So with all of these sweet mommas and precious babies…whom I love…with all of these questions and hurts and hopes…I can trust. I can acknowledge that God is God and that He is good and that He is working.  And through that acknowledgement and trust, hopefully I can speak life into my friends hurting heart, speak encouragement into these new mommas adventures, and speak peace into the heart of my husband and our marriage.

Not showing, but still glowing.

That’s the goal.

Blessed am I.



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