Sweet Summer.

This past school year was…hard fought.

I’m so glad it’s over.

Professionally…hardest year yet. Hands down. And I’ve worked in a tough teaching environment before…on a management level…but this beast was about a group of kiddos coming together in a just nooot good way. They challenged me to the MAX. I spent basically every day in total survival mode, which is not where I like to function, to say the least. God got us through it {I can’t even say that it was gracefully on my part} and I pray that He filled in the gaps where I was totally failing and losing my mind.

Did I mention that I’m so glad it’s over?

And yes, for those of you who have visited my blog before and recognize that it’s all about my journey through infertility/adoption, my hardest year professionally just so happened to be my hardest year personally as well. Double whammy.

God is good though. He was before, He was during, and He is now. His goodness…and mercy and overflowing grace…gave me strength and kept me going.

How do people make it in this crazy world without Him?

So here I finally find myself…officially, completely done with another school year…summer stretching out before me. I feel like it deserves a good cry over a pan of brownies {happiness? relief? shock after the trauma I’ve just been through?}…but I have a headache as it is and there are no brownies in this house.

What’s a girl to do? 😉

Blessed am I.



5 thoughts on “Sweet Summer.

  1. I used to be a school counselor, school prevention specialist, and teacher’s aide so I know exactly how you feel! Also, I have asked myself the question…”how do people go through life without Him?” Enjoy your summer!


  2. How about crying instead of crying over brownies do a happy dance over a snow cone!!! So happy for you that the year has come to an end…. Summer is going to be fun in several ways.

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