God – showing up & showing off

This past weekend we had our BIG fundraiser garage sale to help fund our adoption/medical expenses. When I first had the idea for a garage sale, it seemed like the thing to do. I cleaned out our closets during a couple of bad weather days, stacked a few measly boxes in the corner of the garage, and figured “Hey, something is better than nothing, right?!”

The last couple of years my girlfriends and I have had a joint garage sale…the first time we raised money for a family in our church that was going overseas as missionaries, and the second time we were earning money for one of the girls & her family to go on a mission trip. I extended the offer to them to join in with me again this year, and they automatically agreed to donate & help me set up / run the sale.

As the sale grew closer, and more people came to know about our plans to adopt, I extended the offer to our families, my coworkers, and other friends from church to donate any ‘treasures’ they were looking to part with. I also began praying that God would be glorified through our garage sale…through the giving, the buying, the total amount raised…just all of it.

But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what He had planned.

Sometimes…okay, maybe a lot of the time…I think I ask too little, dream to small, just flat don’t expect enough of this incredible God I serve.

So I want to praise Him today…celebrate Him for what He did this past weekend…for the way His name was glorified through a garage sale of all things.

**Thank you God, for the way you took a few boxes…just odds and ends…and multiplied them into just this incredible amount of treasures and clothes and necessities to be sold.

**Thank you Father, for the way so many members of our family, friends, coworkers, church family, and even random garage sale shoppers donated so generously. It was wild to see how that little pile grew, to see people coming to the sale and then coming back to donate, and neighbors bringing by big items to put out for day 2.

**Thank you Lord, for the family & friends who pitched in to make the sale happen…there’s no way we could have gotten everything set up & unloaded, arranged and rearranged, packed up & hauled off…without all of their help. They came early in the morning, they stayed late, they worked without complaining, they drove in from out of town. They were the hands & feet of Christ in our life, and it was powerful to see them all come together to support and encourage us. This is what you call us to God…living life together and coming together to glorify your name & support one another in your calling. One of my greatest blessings in life is having these people & relationships in my life.

**Thank you for those who shared our flier & Facebook status to help get the word out about what we were doing & why. Not many people thank you for Facebook these days, but it was a really helpful tool for us to get the word out. To you be the glory!

**Thank you for the neighbors who stopped by…to shop, to chat, to donate, to offer ladders & poles to construct a way to hang clothes, to walk Huxley so that he could get a little fresh air. I met neighbors I hadn’t met before, and was blessed by those we pass each day as we walk Huxley each morning and evening.

**Thank you for the need we were able to meet in our community. Because we had so many different people donating, we had a little something for anyone who stopped by to shop. Hardly anyone left without something, and many were thrilled to find nice clothes, toiletries, books, and more.

**Thank you for the fun that people had at the sale…both us and those who came to shop. The atmosphere was friendly, You were present, the weather was beautiful…and I think a lot of people just had a genuinely good time digging through the sale.

**Thank you for those who gave above and beyond what they bought at the sale. There were so many, a lot of whom we don’t even know personally, who gave because they believe in adoption & wanted to support us. Then there were those dear people, whose hearts you prompted, to give so generously through love offerings. That was the completely overwhelming part…the part that humbles me and brings tears to my eyes even at this moment. Each gift was so unexpected and incredible, and I pray blessings upon blessings for them and their families.

**Thank you for the stories that came out of the sale…of husbands leading their wives in prayer, of others witnessing the way our home group comes together to support one another, of sweet adoption stories.

**Thank you for the chance to share this call with so many people…basically all of whom had never heard of embryo adoption before. We pray that you would use that to your glory, for your kingdom.

**Thank you that we were able to find a ‘home’ for the items remaining after the sale.

**Thank you for teaching me new lessons, for continuing to change my heart through your amazing provision and for the care you lavished on us through the garage sale. Thank you for confirming your call to us, and for funding our adoption expenses…plus legal and some medical!

**Thank you for your majesty and goodness…for showing up and showing off.

Praise you, praise you!

Blessed am I.


One thought on “God – showing up & showing off

  1. So so awesome! We serve a mighty God who can feed the five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish. God is so good and I am so thankful his blessings were poured out on you. Hugs!!

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