Home study.

This past week we finished submitting all of the paperwork for our home study, and today we had our big interview!!

I have a group of ladies from church who have adopted/fostered in the past {or are hoping to soon!} and have completed home studies of their own, so they were a great resource for me. Their biggest piece of advice was not to stress too much over cleaning…so we really didn’t. Chris mowed the lawn yesterday, and I made sure everything was straightened up {the house had been thoroughly cleaned on Thursday.} We tested the smoke alarms {not that we didn’t already know the one in the kitchen works!} and installed a carbon monoxide detector. Chris got his gun safe moved inside and all the guns stored inside, and we were pretty much ready to go.

We actually even took our regularly scheduled Sunday afternoon nap, which felt like a good sign that we were relaxed and ready for this next step.

Our social worker arrived at 4 and left at 6, and was very friendly & helpful. She interviewed us separately, then together for a few minutes, and took a brief tour of our home. We’re looking forward to receiving the proof of our study within a week, and hopefully have the completed study turned into our agency by Easter! {Then we can enter the matching phase…wow!!}

I think our favorite part of visiting with her was hearing about a friend of hers who has a successful embryo adoption story…twins! Unlike traditional adoption, we haven’t been able to have a direct {or even indirect, beyond reading} connection to anyone who has walked this path before…so that was neat.

Overall we both felt good about the interview & managed to stay pretty cool, calm, and collected. I’m going to go ahead and give a big shout out to the prayer warriors we had praying for us for that victory! 🙂

Blessed am I.


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