Moments of Questioning.

Super short post tonight…I’m ready for sleepy-time.

A friend of mine is a pastor up in Kansas {or over in Kansas…let’s go ahead and put it out there that I’m terrible at geography}, and he recently wrote a blog review of the movie “Noah.” What is so great about this guy in particular is that he often has such a different viewpoint on culture and God’s word than what we typically hear from the ‘Christian community’…he challenges me to look at things through a different lens, and I appreciate that.

Anyway, mostly I just wanted to capture a couple of quotes that resonated with me {especially after my thought processes this past weekend} so that I can remember them later. 🙂 His full review / blog post can be found here.

“A part of living by faith and not by sight are moments of questioning. Your faith has never been tested if it’s never been questioned.”

“{This movie} touches on trusting God to provide for your needs and to trust Him when things don’t make sense. And, the feelings of inadequacy we can sometimes feel when God, who is perfect, asks us to do something so big when we are just imperfect and small.”

Thanks for the food for thought Pastor Don.

Blessed am I.



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