Family Photos.

My dearest college friend {who I also had the unexpected joy of teaching with for a while} is a budding photographer in her ‘spare time.’ How she has any of that, I’ll never know. Coach’s wife, mother of two, teacher…it makes me tired just thinking about it. 🙂 She is our go-to for family pictures, so of course she was the one to take our “We’re Adopting!” pictures.

I knew I wanted a more casual style, since some of the pictures would be used in our family profile for prospective genetic family to look at. The weekend we chose ended up being rainy {a welcome thing in Texas!} so we improvised and moved the session to our house. Going for the “Life & Style” look I guess. 😉

I’m not quite ready to share them on Facebook…probably once we are ‘home study approved’…but I thought a few posted here would be fun. I could do an entirely different post about ‘the many faces of Chris’…he has an entire blooper folder on the cd of pics she gave us.

So…here they are! See if you can find the hint of embryo adoption! 😉

Blessed am I.












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