Writing the big checks.

Yesterday I wrote about our choice to pursue embryo adoption…today I want to outline how we’ve been moving forward from that and getting the ball rolling.

We had requested applications for a couple of different embryo adoption agencies in early February, and as I had free time throughout the month I worked on filling them out…just in case. One ended up being shredded, but our Nightlight application was ready and waiting for our final decision…Which meant that the embryo-adoption-pinky-promise was made on Saturday night, and the application was mailed on Tuesday morning. {Pretty quick turn-around…just had to look it all over, write a big check for the application fee, and send it off with a prayer!}

By weeks end we also had signed our retainer & written another big check for the social worker who will be completing our home study. A few days later {which blessedly ended up being toward the start of my spring break} she sent us our log-in information to download and start working on our questionnaire and checklist {with all of the necessary documents to gather, background checks to be completed, etc.}

So in the midst of sleeping in and visiting my family and getting my house in order, I’ve been typing away on our home study questionnaire and gathering all of the documents we’ll need to turn in. I was also able to complete both of my fingerprint scans, notarize a couple of forms we needed to send in, and had Chris scan everything for us. Our doctor’s appointment to fill out our medical forms is scheduled for the end of the month. With the exception of that form, I’m hoping to have everything else on our end filled out and turned in within the next week or so.

There’s no way I could have gotten that much done that quickly if I hadn’t been on Spring Break. So thankful for the timing…

After that, we’ll get our actual home visit scheduled and I’ll go to work on our family profile for the agency to show to the genetic families that might be interested in matching with us. We’ll keep saving money {more big checks to come!} and planning our garage sale for early April.

Plus there’s all of that other stuff called work and life. 😉 Busy times, but I’m thankful for the resources {time, support, and $$} we can draw from to get some movement going on the adoption front.

Blessed am I.


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