Sealed with a Pinky Promise.

My goodness sometimes life just gets busy around these parts.

I’ve had about 5 posts in the draft pile ever since orientation…but school has been *crazy* and spring break busy and full of other typing & writing projects so I haven’t gotten around to publishing any of them.

But before I go to bed tonight I wanted to sneak over and post just this onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne little thing.

Our decision!

After we left orientation {while we were driving actually} Chris and I felt ready to make it official…we are feeling called / ready to move toward embryo adoption! We felt like we needed to ‘seal the deal’ {and by we I mean ME} so we pinky promised on it…then kissed on it once we stopped to grab something to drink. 😉

It was a pretty big moment for us.

As a wife, it was also a really big moment for me in a different way. Pretty early on in this adoption business, I began praying that God would really speak to / reveal His plans to Chris. I knew it would be important for Chris to feel fully invested and a part of our decision, and I didn’t want him to feel like he had been pushed into anything by me.

God started answering that prayer when He first spoke to Chris about embryo adoption. {Notice I said HE, not me. I had tried bringing it up months before, but Chris wouldn’t have any part of it. Now he doesn’t even remember that conversation!} The more we researched it and talked to one another and our families, the more confident Chris became that this was the direction God was calling us.

As Chris became more confident, I struggled more and more with just feeling terrified by the whole idea. I couldn’t {and still can’t, really} explain why…nor did I feel like it was the kind of terror that was telling me “danger!” or “stop!” Looking back on it, I think part of it was that I was waiting on that big “aha” moment from God…the one which confirmed that this was definitely, without a doubt, for sure the way we should go.

Silly me. God was right in the middle of answering my prayer…He was confirming His plans in Chris’ heart!

When we left the orientation that day, I did something that I honestly don’t do very much as a wife. I looked Chris in the eye and honestly told him that I had a peace in my heart about either direction, that I could happily go either way, and that I trusted his decision and leadership on what we should do.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have opinions or thoughts…but those had already been shared. I knew that Chris understood my heart, that he knew where I was with the Lord, that I could trust him…that I wanted him to lead our family.

So I stepped back, and I gave him the room he needed to do just that. It was with full confidence in his eyes and voice that he said ’embryo adoption’; in that moment I realized how completely God had answered my prayer.

It was a true lesson in biblical submission…the clearest experience I’ve had with that in our marriage to date. Just in typing this, I realize also that because Chris & I are one flesh, God need only reveal Himself and His will to one of us. Chris was the means through which God confirmed His adoption plans for us in my heart.

How beautiful is that?!

Blessed am I…

P.S. – When we told our families & the few friends who knew what our choices were that we had decided on embryo adoption, no one was surprised. 🙂 God is good…it’s pretty evident He’s up to something here! *wink*


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