Stickin’ it to the pill.

Total overshare today.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

I’ve been back on good ol’ birth control…as part of my backwards-PCOS, I have been having crazy irregular cycles of the average-of-two-a-month variety. Horrible.

Once we received our “I wouldn’t say it is *impossible* that you could have a biological baby without major medical intervention, but…it’s highly unlikely” diagnosis, I talked with my regular gyno {he, of course, ran a few more tests, yadda yadda} and he basically told me that our only real course of treatment is to go back on the pill.

His pill of choice turned out to be chewable, oddly, and it ain’t cheap.


I opted for quality of life…my emotional state couldn’t handle all of those periods…so I went back on the pill. Not my ideal situation, but it’s been better than the alternative.

But today, for whatever insurance related reason, it was going to cost me $50.

Ummm…no thanks.

With the coupon I have it’s supposed to cost $25, but there was talk of deductibles and co-pays and insurance and it’s been a rough week and in that moment…I decided to take myself off of the pill.


I pulled around, bought a jumbo box of *ahem* feminine products {and some candy, not gonna lie} and went home with a new resolve to try the hormone-balancing essential oils a friend of mine sold me a sample of. I also realllllly need to start running again, because I’ve also read that sometimes losing even just 10 pounds can help manage PCOS. But since the candy is already in hand, I’m thinking the running is going to have to wait until spring break.

I’ll let you know how that works out for me.

{Odds are I’ll be back on those puppies in 3 weeks or less, but I really have read that sometimes going back on BC for a period of time can help regulate the PCOS. Guess this is a little experiment.}

Being a girl is fun sometimes. 😛

Blessed am I. {Seriously. Even though I’m basically just complaining in this post.}


3 thoughts on “Stickin’ it to the pill.

  1. I think the pill works for some and not for others. Unfortunately, the pill did not work for me :/ Sure it regulated my cycles but once I was off the pill to start trying to conceive they were either just as wacky…or wackier as time went on. I have learned that if I cut out my carbs and artificial sweetener, my cycles have been under 35 days. Eating normal (which really, I don’t eat THAT bad) my cycles are past the 40 days.

    • Thanks for sharing what works for you…I’m thinking of just experimenting a little to see what has a positive effect. My PCOS diagnosis is such a weird one…even my doctors don’t act for sure like that’s what it is, because a lot of the symptoms are so atypical. I’ve been needing to cut carbs out for a while now anyway! 😉

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