The Multi-Generational Perspective.

It’s past my “go to bed time” {9 p.m….oh the life of a kindergarten teacher} so tonight’s post will be short & sweet…and unfortunately, not about embryo adoption.

Goal = fail

What can ya do? 😉

I recently started a new bible study on Wednesday evenings at church on Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts.” It’s been really good so far, but one of the greatest blessings has been the mix of women in the class. One of my friends is leading the class, and is also the youngest…she’s…3 or 4 years younger than me I guess. Then there’s a couple of us “basically 30’s” girls, several who are in their 30’s/40’s, a couple in the 50’s/60’s range, and one or two who I would say are 70+. The multi-generational perspective is really neat and makes our time of study that much more rich.

After sharing a bit of our struggle with infertility and our hopes to adopt, I received a call from one of the older ladies in the class. She asked if she could pass my name along to a friend of hers who adopted her son almost 40 years ago.

Of course I said yes, and tonight I was able to connect with that friend of hers {who is also a member at my church.} We visited for about 45 minutes, and she shared the heartbreaking and amazing story of a biological baby lost, two foster children lost {in a crazy way!}, and ultimately a wonderful adoption which was followed by two more biological children.

I was reminded that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’…hearing her memories of how she felt during that time, of things people said to her, of the questions she asked God… with shared experiences like those, time makes no difference. I was able to relate to her in a very real way, and I was incredibly encouraged by her story and journey of faithfulness.

It was very cool, and I count it as a blessing to know her.

Definitely one of the benefits of going to a church with such a wide range of generations represented…I’ve been able to talk with her as an adoptive mother of 40+ years, with an adult woman who was adopted as a baby, with multiple couples who adopted in different ways, with other families who are going through the adoption or foster processes, with children who were adopted…it’s been incredible, to say the least.

Blessed am I.


2 thoughts on “The Multi-Generational Perspective.

  1. God is so good. When people say they can worship God anywhere and don’t have to be in a church family, they don’t realize that they are short changing themselves. So many of the blessings God has for us can be channeled through our church family. To God be the glory!

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