What are you up to God…


Well, it’s been a few days since I posted last. I’m a year older now {the big 2-9…ha!} and a little wiser perhaps from a teaching conference I spent a couple of days at in San Antonio.

I’m calling tomorrow to just confirm that everything is for sure on with our agency orientation in a couple of weeks…we are looking forward to learning more and having a more concrete “stepping stone” to this calling God has placed on our lives.

And so while that is drawing near, it would seem as though God may be opening¬†another door…down a slightly different path. Still adoption, still through an agency.

But definitely different.

I’m trying to err on the side of caution right now…which is what keeps me from even allowing my fingers to type it out. My heart & soul & head & entire being are back to calling out…back to asking “Just what are you up to here God?”

So we’ll see. We’re praying that He’ll clearly open and shut doors…that He’ll settle a peace deep into our bones about the path He has…that He would confirm our next step.

A burning bush would be nice.

I’m just sayin’.

Blessed am I.


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