Happy Tears.

After hitting a little rough patch, God once again blew me away with the support and encouragement He pours out on us through those around me. I’m so thankful for that.

~ A coworker of mine who has adopted and knows about our hopes to adopt said she woke up one night in the middle of the night and couldn’t get us off of her mind, so she spent quite a bit of time praying for us.

~ A friend of mine from church (who I have not personally talked with about everything, but who has heard I guess) sent me & a friend of ours who also adopted the link to an uplifting video about adoption. http://www.faithit.com/couple-sees-son-first-time-reaction-is-beautiful/ Made me cry happy tears!

~ My mom’s best friend mailed us two tiny little baby blankets, one in pink and one in blue, to let us know that she has been thinking about and praying for us. It was so sweet of her to let us know that she is excited for us and trusting in God with us…and there is something so validating about having someone recognize and celebrate that we are working towards welcoming a baby into our family. 🙂  baby

~ Our crib arrived!! The box was HUGE, and so heavy. Chris and I unpacked each piece carefully & inspected every nook and cranny…it is absolutely beautiful! We lovingly wrapped it up and stored it away in a closet. It will be exciting when the day comes that we can pull it out and put it together, but for now it’s serving the perfect purpose of settling my spirit a little bit. I feel as though it’s another step towards that baby we’re dreaming of and praying for, and the planner in me is happy knowing that even though I can’t follow the normal timeline into preparing for a baby, I can tuck a few essentials away for the future. Thank you Momma & Daddy for the beautiful Christmas gift…we’ll cherish it for years to come with each baby that God places in our family!

~ My mom has known I’ve been feeling a little blue this Christmas season, and she’s been a big encourager to me. Turns out she was feeling a little down too, so on Friday she took half a day off of work & drove down to spend the night with me. She got to come to my work party & meet all of my coworkers (great to have faces for all the people she hears about in stories!), watched me clean up the crazy messy guest room, dreamed with me about how we could decorate a nursery, treated me to brunch, and ran around town with me doing a little holiday shopping. We aren’t just a mother/daughter duo, we are the best of friends…so sometimes we just need a little time with each other to make our worlds feel right again. She needed it, and I did too. I love love love her…she’s the best.

Sunday School & Church today was nourishing as well…but more on that tomorrow. 🙂

Through the good days AND bad…

Blessed am I.


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