I have always loved music, and always loved to sing…so it’s no wonder God has been ministering to me most consistently through music over the last several months. I’ve drawn strength, found words for things I couldn’t express, mourned with, sang at the top of my lungs in the car, whispered the words when I was in pain, and cried my way through plenty of songs lately. (*Seriously…during the month of October I think I bawled through every worship service at church…I’m sure people thought I was dying or something!)

For a long while now I’ve been wanting to write down all of the songs that have spoken to me…but by this point there are too many. So I’ll list the ones I can think of, and maybe I’ll remember to come back later and add to the list as I’m reminded of new songs.

Oceans by Hillsong United

Blessed Be Your Name by Tree63

Jesus, Friend of Sinners by Casting Crowns

Blessings by Laura Story

Broken Hallelujah by The Afters

Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns

Stronger by Mandisa

Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North

The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North

Help Me Find It by Sidewalk Prophets

Get Back Up by TobyMac

All Things Possible by Mark Schultz

Word of God Speak by Mercy Me

Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns

I Can Just Be Me by Laura Story

Lead Me to the Cross by Chris and Conrad

Pretty much everything by Love and the Outcome

Oh gosh, plus about a hundred more. I listen to Pandora a lot and song after song just speaks to me, puts salve on this hurting heart.

I’m so thankful for the gift of music.

Blessed am I.


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