Thanks to winter storm “Cleon” (what a name, right?) I’m snuggled in on the couch and researching all things adoption.

And practicing my deep breathing.


I spoke with the agency we are hoping to work with (that’s the only way I know how to put it at this point) and was told that there are a few things we can be doing before our orientation…which will *hopefully* be in February. CPR training, an online child-care course, establishing a general physician/family doctor (that one’s for me…Chris already has one.)

My Sunday School teacher / preacher’s wife is also going to give me some of the general information regarding what they had to do to get ready for their home study (they are hoping to adopt as well…a little over a year into the process & waiting on the baby God has for them!) so that we could start working towards prepping our house for that. (Popping in plug covers, buying a fire extinguisher, etc)

She also let me borrow a couple of books that their agency recommended they read, and I borrowed a couple from a friend of my mom’s who adopted her boys almost 20 years ago. {And then, of course, there are the books I’ve already read and have on my Amazon wishlist.}

My pinterest searches lately include everything from adoption to home studies to newborn checklists to baby names to nurseries to all of the other random non-baby related things that I pinterest all the time. {Yes, there are still non-baby things. I’m not that obsessed.}

I checked on the status of the crib that I ordered…mom & dad are paying for it as our Christmas present. 🙂 I don’t know it it’s too early for us to be ordering a crib or not…but it felt right and I found a beautiful crib listed for about $200 less than it was listed everywhere else, plus a coupon for $25 off  for signing up to get 3-5 e-mails from the company per day. 😉

I’m excited about it, and to me…it’s kind of like an outside symbol of recognition that we will have a baby for it one day…a symbol that we are stepping out in faith and trusting in the Lord to match us with the baby that is meant for us.

Other things on my growing to-do list are to clean out Chris’ office/man-cave and the closet in the guest bedroom…to combine the closets into one, pack up what can be stored, clean out what can be sold/given away/donated. I’ve called about renting a small storage space for our holiday decorations, old books, etc. I figure if we do that, I can clear out a little space in the garage for Chris to be able to do a little tinkering, since he’ll be losing part of his “man cave.” {Again, just a project for us to work on over the next few months…I’m not dragging everything out at this moment.}

I think we’re going to cancel the cable at the beginning of the new year…that’s one way we can save some money. We’re not buying Christmas presents this year…for anyone, really. It’s a little sad {I do love buying presents for people!} but it’s also taking a lot of pressure off of the season and budget. There’s nothing any of us really need anyway, and we’re saving the money for something pretty special. 🙂

What else, what else…I talked with my one of my sweet friends (who has taken our family pictures for the last couple of years) about us taking “We’re Adopting” pictures…maybe sometime in late January or early February. Some “maternity” style, some for the adoption profile we’ll be preparing for, some that we can have made into an ‘announcement’ that we can send out to our family & friends. I have another creative friend who makes/orders cards, so I’m thinking I’ll ask her to help me design / print those once we’re farther along in the process.

Oh, and I bought this.


I saw it on one of the Black Friday deals. It’s huge and soft and wonderful and will be so quirky and fun in the corner of a nursery one day. I can just picture using it for those month by month pictures everyone takes of their babies to document their growth. At 59″ (almost 5′ tall!) it will be quite a while before our little-one-to-be will outgrow this bear!

{For the record, I didn’t go on Black Friday to get this bear. I called a Home Depot the next day to see if they had any left. Their initial answer was “No ma’am…we sold out of those really fast!” but then they remembered that they had saved one back to use to decorate for one of their children’s workshops. Since they’d just finished the workshop, they saved it behind the counter for me. See…it was meant to be!}

I know, I know. This process could take us a while. I’m preparing myself for that. But I’m also a planner, and it helps me to kind of map out the things that we can do while we are in some of the waiting times.

So that’s why I’m off to do one of the other things that takes up a lot of space in my brain…work. I brought a whole tub full of stuff I can work on while I’m all iced in. {Plus there’s quite a bit of girl movies & snuggling to be done…love it!}

Blessed am I!


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