ain’t no thang.

Today’s post will be short because yesterday’s post was….looooong.

And also because I’m trying to get kinder crafts ready for all of this Christmas decorating madness at school. πŸ™‚

I thought of something else that came up during our big conversation with the fam…something that Chris & I have already said to each other a couple of times since, and something that keeps bouncing around in my head.

“It’s only a thing if you make it a thing.”

I think that will be really important for us to remember in this process. It literally applies to almost everything…

~ struggles over the roles both Chris & I play in the infertility…aka – who is more “at fault”

~ thoughtless or well-intentioned (but hurtful) things people say regarding our infertility or plan to adopt

~ reactions people have to our decision…most specifically those that are a little…anti-climatic.

~ fears surrounding all of this…especially those that we can acknowledge are irrational, and yet struggle with letting go of all the same

~ worries over comparisons between biological children vs. adopted children in our extended families

~ using the adoption as an “excuse” or as a reason to freak out…mostly as it would apply to kids growing up, testing boundaries, etc.

All of it kind of ties in with something else I read…some if it is all running together now…about how what we really need to recognize and remember is that we are entering into the world of “parent worries.” And the truth is, most ‘parent worries’ are the same, even if the family structure or how the family came to be is different.

So don’t make everything a thing.

Does that make sense?


Off to tie up a few loose ends now…

Blessed am I!


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