Making progress.

Overall, I’d say today has been a happy day.

Chris has been in a refreshingly good & chipper mood (even starting from the moment he woke up, which is not always the case! Ha!), I’m on the countdown to Thanksgiving break, and I have an Advent ornament exchange party to attend in a few minutes.

Tomorrow I need to call the agency we are hoping to work with to make sure they have received all of our reference letters…we have at least confirmed that they’ve all been mailed. I sent in the $$ needed to reserve our orientation spot…and Chris and I had a really great conversation about what this whole thing could look like budget wise. Looking into some ways to tighten up the cash flow (might be saying buh-bye to cable soon), considering some simple & fun fundraisers (because you can’t say fundraisers without  “fun” right?!), and praising God that although spending this type of money is not ideal…it is far from impossible. Years ago when we began following Dave Ramsey’s budgeting plan, God only knew why it would be important for us to be out from commercial and as much student debt as possible.

It’s scary and feels a little like we’re standing at the edge of a cliff…but tonight we joined together in saying that if God is calling us to it, He will provide a way through it.

That felt good.

Blessed am I.


One thought on “Making progress.

  1. Woohoo! It sounds like God had already paved part of the way to making your dreams come true years ago through budgeting and financial planning! That is so awesome! Excited for you!!:-)

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