Jesus was adopted.

Had you ever realized that before?

I’m sure I’ve heard that in a sermon at some point in time, but it’s never really made a big impression on me I guess. Until now.

It’s true though…Jesus was adopted by Joseph. And Joseph adopted Jesus.

{The day I read this is “Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore I called Chris in happy tears…Joseph was called to the same type of fatherhood as Chris has been called to…what amazing company to be in!}

So…to follow that all the way through…Chris and I can look to Joseph as a biblical example of a parent adopting a child and raising him/her as our own.

And our future child(ren) can look to Jesus as a biblical example of a child who was adopted. Down the road, on days when they might feel confused or misunderstood, they will be able to call on their GOD…their SAVIOR…their JESUS…and know that He too has experienced the mystery of a love that is without blood or biology.

It’s incredible.

I knew when we started looking into adoption that there were beautiful spiritual parallels…that I myself have been adopted into God’s family through the blood of Jesus Christ, and that as an adopted daughter I am an heir to Christ. What I had never fully recognized is that there is s also a beautiful physical parallel between Jesus and adoption.

I love it.

So today, as I sat out my Christmas decorations and little nativity scenes, I couldn’t help but marvel in wonder at this God of mine. My spirit praised Him for revealing Himself to me in this new way. And for maybe the first time, I was able to look past Mary and the calling God had placed on her life…and at the awesome task He called Joseph to. No longer is Joseph just another figure in the stable…he is an example of hope and strength and commitment to do what the Lord asks of you.


I never would have thought that I would be able to relate more closely to Joseph than to Mary…but here I am.

Blessed am I.


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