Life is weird.

It’s not even 8 o’clock, and I’m already in bed drinking a hot almond tea & nursing a cold. Since I’m pretty sure I am going to be asleep before I’m even able to hit “publish” on this post, and since I’m still in a weird mood, I decided today would be a good time to write about some of the weird experiences I’ve had while on this infertility roller coaster. Can’t let all this wackiness be forgotten, right?!

*The specialist said I had “rock star ovaries.” I don’t think that requires further explanation into why it’s weird.

*While we were waiting on all of our test results to come back, one of my coworkers (who had no idea what was going on) came to me and said she’d had this really weird dream. Basically, in the dream, Chris & I wanted a baby really bad but found out we weren’t going to be able to have one. I was really upset, so she decided she would get pregnant and have a baby for me (in the dream, of course)…only when she told me, at 9 months pregnant, I told her that I didn’t want her baby. And apparently, I said it pretty rudely, because she woke up angry at me. {Later she also dreamed that she tried to give me other people’s babies, but I wouldn’t take any of those either. What a baby diva! *wink*}

Of course, when she’s telling me this, my heart was just pounding and my head was about to explode. When I explained just how weird it really was that she would be dreaming that, we both decided that we were sufficiently freaked out…and that she should probably stop trying to dream about me.

*My middle-aged uncle (who has kids in high school) had a new baby born on the same day Chris & I found out our official diagnosis of infertility. What can you say…life is just weird sometimes. {I haven’t met the baby yet, but she looks like a real cutie in pictures!}

*Not that this is that weird, because most of my friends are married and of “baby-making age” (it’s kind of weird and awkward that I would even write that, but it fits in with the feel of today’s post, so I’m leaving it)…two of my friends found out they were pregnant since all this really got started earlier this fall. It took both of them a while to make it happen, so I was (and am) very excited for them. A little hard to swallow at times, not going to lie…but I would never begrudge them just because of what I have going on in my life. Sometimes I just look at them and think “Wow…you are literally making a baby right now…”

It’s kind of weird to think about. But those babies are going to be so blessed by the feisty, spunky mommas they’ve got…

*One day, before one of our appts at the fertility specialist, we dropped Huxley off for a little puppy play date at our friend’s house. As we left, they offered us some fresh eggs from the farm. “No thanks,” I joked…”turns out I’ve got plenty of eggs.”

Badum bum.

Infertility humor. Gotta love it.

*I had to have a test done on my tubes…basically to make sure they weren’t blocked. My doctor literally told me to take aspirin for a day leading up to the procedure, then to have a margarita before. Hey, doctors orders. 😉 I had a friend go with me in case I felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to drive after the procedure. She decided that everyone in the office probably thought we were “partners”…so I really did kind of freak out when the nurse asked if I wanted her to come back with me into the room. Yikes!

That whole procedure was just a series of unfortunate events. First the nurse misread my pregnancy test (they do one before the procedure) and thought I was pregnant. That was a great moment. 😛 Then she had me undress from the waist down, wrap that paper blanket thing around me, and shuffle across the hallway to the room where the procedure was going to be done. When the doctor came in, he asked me where I was going to deliver the baby. “I’m sorry, but am I pregnant?!” was my response…”Oh no no, you aren’t pregnant…but you are going to be.” he said.

Oh geez.

Once the procedure began {can we say *highly* uncomfortable?!} I thought the nurse told me that I was going to have to stand up for a couple of minutes. Not exactly sure how that was supposed to happen, I decided it would be best just to grit my teeth and go for it…but right as I went to swing my legs out of the stir-ups both she and the doctor started yelling “No! Don’t move!”

Turns out she had said I only needed to “stand it” for a couple of minutes.

My bad.

*In the little “meeting room” at the fertility specialist, they have baby pictures everywhere. Lots of twins & triplets represented on those walls. Oddly, there was also a baby whose picture looked remarkably similar to one of Chris’ baby pictures. That felt a little twilight-zoneish.


Yep. I think that’s a good place to end it for the night.

Life is weird.

God is good.

Blessed am I.


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