squeals of excitement.

I laughed a moment ago when I realized something.

My momma can tell ya, part of the infertility struggle I had to overcome was that, most likely, the element of surprise was saying buh-bye. Some people pull in vitro off as a surprise to people, but with us living an hour away from the clinic (among other things) I didn’t see us being able to do that. Then, with adoption, there is paperwork and references and trainings…and honestly, it’s important that your family be in on those conversations, because they are going to be a part of our child’s life as well.

But I just gotta say, for the creative-party-planning-pinterest-“I’m pregnant”-reveals part of me…it was a hard pill to swallow.

As our decision neared adoption, I tried to keep back our final decision until we could at least tell our parents in person, but we were itching to get the pre-app in and needed them on it as references. (Well, that and Chris just spit it out to his mom one night. Doing things like that is kind of his hobby. Ha!) Mom pretty much knew what was coming…she was a champion for me as I sorted through everything that was floating around in my head. {I just can’t say enough how much she means to me, and how much I look forward to being the kind of mom she has taught me to be!} She was 100% on board, and was excited to hear that we were moving forward.

Then there was that Daddy of mine…he’s a man of few words, but when the occasion calls for it, he speaks with such strength and wisdom and resolve. He spoke strength into our choice, and pledged his commitment to support us and love on the baby that will come into our family. He is a good, good dad. I’ve been able to face this situation in part because of the strength with which he raised me.


The *beautiful* bouquet that my family had delivered to me the day we mailed in our pre-application. Thank you Momma for recognizing & celebrating the exciting start this is for us! They were a completely unexpected & wholeheartedly welcomed gift!

Chris has done most of the talking with his family, but in the times I have spoken with them they have joined us agreement that this is the plan for our family. They are prayer warriors for me, and for us, and now for our baby-to-be. I love my in-laws!

We felt it was important to go ahead and tell our siblings & their spouses our decision as well, especially since we needed to involve several people outside our family for the references on the application. What we have received from them is nothing short of excitement and support.

And my sister-in-laws, along with my dear sweet friend who has been blessed with two daughters through adoption, reacted just how I react when a friend tells me they are pregnant.

They squealed.

The squeals just may be one of my favorite parts. They made me giggle and make me smile / cry happy tears as I sit here and type this…because I was worried I wouldn’t get squeals.

But my God thinks of everything….

He’s good like that.

Blessed am I.

….and, I have no doubt, I’m going to find some fun ways to insert an element of surprise somewhere in this process. 🙂


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