A little cheese to go with my whine?

Oh Lawd…I was in baaaad mood today.

Things at work have taken a….turn for the worse. I haven’t been coping well.

Chris and I had a…discussion…today about embryo adoption which caused me to shut down and him to get all upset…all while we were trying to enjoy a rare afternoon lunch away from work. We’ve been bouncing back from these things pretty quickly though, so luckily we were over it by the time the fortune cookies came out.

Still, not a conversation I enjoyed having.

I also have developed a tight sore neck.


BUT, I have a LOT of people praying for and supporting me right now…for work, for life, for this baby business…and it reminds me that I need to do my part and not feed the negativity.

So I’m going to eat a few more marshmallows (don’t judge me!!!), take some alieve, and be in bed before 9:30 with a heating pad on my neck, praise music on my iPad, and a warm washcloth on my face.

Tomorrow will be better. Please Jesus, let tomorrow be better.

And yes, despite my whiny-ness, blessed am I.


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