The body of Christ.

Ever since Chris & I joined our church a couple of years ago, we have been so blessed by the relationships we’ve formed with people of all ages and walks there. I was reminded of that yesterday…here was a Facebook post I wrote about it…

“Thankful once again today for family…both mine & Chris’ and our church family. Over the last several weeks I have been reminded of why we are called to build relationships, to live life together, to fellowship and worship together with other believers. God has used our church family to minister to us, lift us up in prayer (in many cases not even knowing why they were praying!), and to “spur us on” as we seek God’s will for our little family. It is both a blessing and an honor to call each of you brothers & sisters in Christ, and I thank you for reminding me of God’s purpose for placing us within the body of Christ.”

Here are a few examples of God’s goodness…

*Our church has started having open dialogues about adoptions…and there are several families within our church who have adopted, are pursuing adoption, are foster parents with hopes of adopting, or adults who were adopted as children. Everyone we approach to ask about their experiences has been so open and gracious with us…

*Several people have come up to me over the course of the last month or so to tell me that although they don’t know why, they have had us on their hearts and have felt called to pray for us. Often these comments come right after we’ve (or I’ve) had an especially rough day. Praise God for the way He places us on the hearts of prayer warriors!!

*My homegroup girls have been willing to pray for me (even to pray for my *period*…come on y’all, that’s true friendship!) throughout this past year, and although they can’t quite relate to what I’m going through/where I’m coming from, they continually let me know that they love me, care about me, and are here for me.

*God has started confirming His plan for us through other believers in our church. Just yesterday Chris said he thought we should start looking into different adoption agencies, and within a few hours I had a text from my adoption/infertility mentor (I don’t know if she realizes I’m calling her that…haha!) letting us know the names of the agencies they had used “just in case we wanted to start looking at them.” She said she had felt led all afternoon to look at the websites & pass them on to us…it just blows my mind. She shared with me that she spent time looking through the profiles, just praying for us and the families waiting for babies & crying tears of joy knowing what beauty God has in store for all of us.

*Speaking of my mentor, that story in itself is a miracle! We’ve known this couple for about two years now, but never really gotten to know them. Now that we are starting to, we are learning how alike we all are and how parallel our stories are. I can’t even explain / express how much it means to me to be able to talk to a couple who has walked through this same fire we are facing…and to be able to see what God has done to redeem their pain and loss into a beautiful family. I thank God for placing us at FBC at the same time…it was not without purpose!

So, in case I haven’t said it today…blessed am I. 🙂


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