The Wreck.

Two little words…that carry so much emotion and frustration with them.

I can’t go into all of the history and details on the wreck because it’s Chris’ story to tell…and in many ways, he has just started telling it more “publicly.” Oh sure, he has told many, many, many {I literally cannot insert to many many’s in this statement} gory and intimate details of the injuries he sustained…but the emotional injuries that have hung around for over a decade are what have had the biggest impact on our relationship and marriage.

I knew earllllllly into our relationship that Chris had been in a pretty horrific accident…one that many said should have, by all rights, claimed his life. I also knew that because of the injuries he sustained, there was a possibility he would not be able to have biological children. As we continued dating, I learned of the waves of guilt and depression that would hit him; of the struggles he has, all of which seem to stem from “the wreck.”

So when he asked me a few weeks ago if I would have married him, knowing what I know now….all I could say was yes…because I really, truly did know what I was signing up for.

Now…does that mean that everything related to the wreck has been easy? No, no, and no. But, I have learned through it more about what it really means to cry out to God, to trust in Him & depend on Him for healing and a hope {all of which, now that I think about it, has come in really handy lately!}, and to be sanctified through the struggles and joys of a marriage.

Things with the wreck really kind of hit a boiling point right as everything was happening with the fertility doctor…the Thompson house was not a fun place to be for a few days there, but all of the sudden it was like God started knocking down the walls in Chris’ heart. He began talking to people about what he has held in for the last 12 years, started seeking the counsel of our pastor & a brother in Christ who has been down this road before, and opened up to me in a new way.

I really believe we have been part of a miracle. God is healing Chris and bringing restoration to his life, which then transfers over to me and our relationship. It is just HUGE.

What I love the most about a good testimony is that, while it touches on the past, the real meat of the story is how Jesus comes in to save the day. My prayer continues to be that yes, while there was a wreck that changed Chris’ life {and ultimately mine as well}, Jesus would shine through as we see purpose and meaning come out of that life changing event.

Which brings us back to this infertility business. There is a male factor coming into play…one that cannot be altered or corrected. While it is not an absolute impossibility that we would be able to conceive naturally, it is *highly* improbable given our test results. When Chris has moments of frustration {one would be feeling like our families, or even that I, would blame him for our situation} we are able to talk through them & recover muuuuch more quickly than we have been able to prior to all of this healing.

God has a purpose and a plan for Chris today, just as He did the day He saved him from that wreck. Our prayer is becoming more and more that Chris would find that purpose, with a parallel prayer being that God would provide Chris with the peace and direction he needs as we look toward how to grow our family.

I’m proud of this husband of mine…he is becoming the man of God I’ve always known he could be.

Blessed am I.


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